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Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion is a platform for people who have written poetry about their experiences of living with dementia, to post them.


'Oh no, Oh My' by Ron Coleman

Oh no Oh My

Looking at your face oh no oh my,

Who were you expecting to see,

At the very least just tell me why,

You will not stop looking at me

Looking at your smile oh no oh my,

It is not the smile I expected to see,

Its’ the false smile of one about to die,

I just hope that smile’s not for me

Looking at your milky eyes oh no oh my,

Your eyes are blind don’t expect to see,

I watch tears fall from ever dimmed eyes,

Yet some-how they stare straight through me

Looking at your sin, stained soul oh no oh my,

But not as many stains as I expected to see,

As your dementia soul walks right on by,

As finally your identity is revealed to me

Looking at your own face oh no oh my,

Who else were you expecting to see,

At the very least I now know the reason why,

When looking in a mirror the one I see is me

Oh No oh My



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