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Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion is a platform for people who have written poetry about their experiences of living with dementia, to post them.


Oh No, Oh My
by Ron Coleman

Oh no Oh My.

Looking at your face oh no oh my,
Who were you expecting to see,
At the very least just tell me why,
You will not stop looking at me.

Looking at your smile oh no oh my,
It is not the smile I expected to see,
Its' the false smile of one about to die,
I just hope that smile's not for me.

Looking at your milky eyes oh no oh my,
Your eyes are blind don't expect to see,
I watch tears fall from ever dimmed eyes,
Yet some-how they stare straight through me.

Looking at your sin, stained soul oh no oh my,
But not as many stains as I expected to see,
As your dementia soul walks right on by,
As finally your identity is revealed to me.

Looking at your own face oh no oh my,
Who else were you expecting to see,
At the very least I now know the reason why,
When looking in a mirror the one I see is me.

Oh No oh My.

New Life Springs into Abundance
by Susan Scotter

The dawn has come, the sun is up,
The wind blows softly flowing through the trees,
The world is singing it's morning song,
As bird wake up before dawn.

I wonder up, my garden path,
The cherry blossom is like puffs of candy floss,
And underneath lie a river of blue,
As crocus come into bloom.

Primroses leaving a yellow haze,
The snowdrops lay as if snow,
As the daffodils and tulips
pop up to say hello.

The flight of birds that drifted off,
Return like kites swivelling in the sky,
Starlings give a lovely display,
As they dance together in the sun rays.

The sky is painted an innocent blue,
With pink tinted puffs of cotton wool,
As the sun rises, the bird fly high,
As I look around, the twigs are all sprouting
And coming to life.

Rose buds appearing awaiting,
To burst its sweet perfume,
The peace is full of sound and movement,
As I look it slowly comes,
The feeling of new life all around.

Disgracefully Dementing
by Ron Coleman

Disgracefully Dementing.
Frustration Fermenting.
Vocally Venting.
desperate denial.
Dementia Diagnosis.
Painful Progressing.
broken begotten.
Futures Forgotten.
Developing Daily.
Malevolent Melody.
Furious Fighting.
Terrifying Twitching.
Cognitive Chaos.
Illuminating Illusion.
Wordless Wandering.
Constant Confusion.
Corrupted Connections.
Invasive Insurrections.
Deadly Directives.
Interventions ineffective.
People Pretending.
Niceness Never-ending.
Totally Transcending.
Cognitive Comprehension.


In the Beginning
by Ron Coleman

You need to see a specialist the Doctor said,
because you have failed my memory test,
a psychiatrist is the one you need to see,
your appointment is next Tuesday at half-past three.

Next Tuesday we were sat outside the Doctor's door,
come in the Doctor said it was now half-past four,
he asked lots of questions I answered them true,
not happy with my answers my wife responded too.

With all his questions over, I asked him what he thought,
he answered in a language that did not say a lot,
a mild cognitive impairment is what I diagnose,
come back in six months time let's see where it goes.

With these dreaded words, he showed us the door,
with his words, I'm back in psychiatry once more,
but this time I'm ready I've been there before,
a chance in this lifetime to even up the score.

So Karen and I review all possible choices,
in discussion, we decide to use my voices,
to safeguard my memory and protect my Id,
to make sure I remember my wife and kids.

So it begins this next chapter of mine,
It started around five and we're ready by nine,
to face the future no matter where,
so dementia come and take me, that is if you dare.


Still Frame
by Ron Coleman

It I could, I would stop it here,
outside the front of your house.

Late afternoon sunlight,
Stroking your hands.

Holding a trowel, planting pansies,
in the bed you could reach.

Without bending, in their tray,
purple and gold faces.

and your face, lifted up, smiling,
as I drive away.


Look Deeper
by Julie Hayden

Look Deeper
Gifts aplenty you ask?
What could I possibly bestow!
You are the one with the healthy brain
What more that you could I know?

I have kindness to offer in plenty
An ear to listen to all your woes
Lived experience to share when needed
And respect sufficient for you to disclose.

A shoulder on which you can lean
When no others have the time
Loving friendships with no judgement
However harsh the world sometimes.

Let's come together in friendship
Our journey is easier once shared
Peer support is a true lifesaver
Such allies can not be compared.












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