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You are not alone: Living Well With your money

We are currently running this course as an 8-week course, the next cohort starts from 4th February 2023 to Friday 7th April 2023.  This 8 week course is for people living with dementia to manage their money for as long as possible for themselves.  The course is written, developed and delivered entirely by people living with dementia.

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If you support a person/people living with dementia and think they would benefit from this course, please do get in touch and we will talk through how we can help them do the course, with you providing them support through the 8-week course.  You can contact, Michael the Course Leader -

For those who cannot access the online course or lack confidence being online.  We will provide additional one-to-one support including telephone calls, all course materials sent through the post, ensure the course can be accessed by all.

'You are Not Alone: Living Well with your Money' has been funded by The MSE Charity.




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