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MODULE 3 - Explore dying and death

This course is Module 3 in our series of Explore Dying and Death Course.

Dying with dignity is something that everyone wishes for themselves and the ones they love add dementia to the mix and for many of us it is the big subject we need to talk about but are often frightened to approach. 

For someone living with dementia or the family member it can sometime feel callous to talk about the subject of death though from personal experiences it is actually very liberating knowing that our family now know what we want not only when we die but what we want throughout the end of life stages of our illness.

This course is written by Shane Bailey, End of Life, Doula.  It is made up of three modules that takes you on a gentle journey that allows you to explore dying and death, why we are fearful of it and allows you space to consider how you would like to die. 

In this third and final module you will explore the different places one can die in, palliative care, hospice and at home.  You will be given lots of information on each, allowing you to develop a deeper picture on where you would like to die.  The module consists of lots of time for reflection, videos to watch and text to read.

To access this course, you will need to self enrol on the course.  This is really easy, just follow the instructions and provide your name, email address and a password.

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