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Move Better, Think Better with Louise Davidson















Introductory Talk for Movement Classes


This course is made up a series of classes, both online and live in order to increase the neurological pathways in the brain that communicates with our nervous system to improve your mobility, coordination, balance, mood and cognitive function. 

The brain is a highway of neural networks covering every cell in the body.  Our daily habits dictate what highway we utilise which depends on our daily routines, lives and experiences we have had throughout our lives. 

Through a series of exercises, the classes, will work on many areas of the brain which affects different parts:

  • Cerebellum
    Gait, posture, respiratory system and mood
  • Hypothalamus
    Appetite, addictions, emotional responses
  • Hippocampus
  • Medulla
  • Frontal Lobe
    Integrates thoughts and emotions
  • Pre-Frontal Cortex 
    Complex thinking, reasoning and multi-tasking
  • Basal Ganglia
    Attention and switching between tasks

These online classes will give you a general taster of movement neurology and what it is about, which will fire up the nervous system with the brain and stimulate new neurons within specific areas of the brain.  Thus improving coordination balance, cognition, coordination mood and mobility.

Each week, you will be given a series of daily exercises to do, watching along with Louise on a video.  This will be about 15 – 20 minutes each day. 

We encourage you do these the same time each day at 10.30am in the morning.  You will also be provided with written material to read and learn what it is about.  You will then have a live class, to see how you are finding the exercises, if there needs to be adaptions and if there's any questions.

The classes in this introductory course are gentle and progressive, using a bio-feedback test to monitor your progress.  Your level of fitness is not important, as we are focusing on your brain but your fitness, mobility and strength will improve as a direct result.

Please watch the introduction video to find out more.  

If you would like to enrol on this course please get in touch with me - 



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