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Paula's Lockdown Pantry



Eating well is good for our emotional and physical wellbeing.  Yet our cooking can quickly go downhill, we may be having to cook for the first time. Whether, you are a regular cook or new to it all.  Paula's Lockdown Pantry series, is ideal for cooking healthy, nutritious tasty food, with a simple step by step cook-along video. 
In this course Paula talks us through how to make Quesadillas - a lockdown lunch.  The course starts with all the ingredients and cooking utensils and equipment you need.  Once you have gathered all this together, you can put on the video and cook-along.
So if you are looking forward to something different for lunch, this easy to follow course will be perfect for you.

To access this course, you will need to self enrol on the course.  This is really easy, just follow the instructions and provide your name, email address and a password.  

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