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Unpaid Carers & People living with dementia

(Peer Support and Dementia - MODULE FOUR)


People with dementia and unpaid carers say that peer support with and from their peers is something they value the most.  It helps to keep people more socially connected, giving them confidence and motivation to participate in their communities and friendship circles.  It helps them feel valued by being listened to and being able to help others with similar experiences; it fosters a sense of belonging. 

In this course you will be exploring all areas connected to peer support and dementia.  Whether you are living with dementia, an unpaid carer, a family member or friend, this course has it covered. 

The course starts with an introduction to peers support (MODULE ONE) and then goes onto a deeper exploration of some of the many projects and experiences of people living in Scotland connected to peer support and dementia.  

The course is based on Life Changes Trust publication ' Peer Support and Dementia: a resource for creating better lives', which is part of their 'Dementia: A Whole Life Approach' publications.

In this Module (MODULE FOUR) you will be learning about some of the useful peer-to-peer projects and resources produced by unpaid carers and people living with dementia, for unpaid carers and people living with dementia.  The Module is split into two sections, the first section is a whole host of different peer-to-peer resources which includes some reading and watching videos.  The second section is information about Conference Bursaries provided by Life Changes Trust, which has allowed many people affected by dementia to go to conferences across the world.

To access this course, you will need to self enrol on the course.  This is really easy, just follow the instructions and provide your name, email address and a password.

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