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100/6000 Conferences

In September 2021, Deepness Dementia hosted the first ever 100/6000 Conference during Dementia Activism week, in Dundee, Scotland.  

The conference was a huge success and we are already making plans to grow the conference so that it is bigger and better for 2022.

This was the first conference in Scotland run by people living with dementia/cognitive impairment, for people living with dementia/cognitive impairment.

The first ever conference where all speakers were people with lived experience of dementia/cognitive impairment.  In which people who were not living with the experience of dementia could attend as observers.

People living with dementia / cognitive impairment and their unpaid supporters attended at no charge, funded by bursary places.

Those who could not make it to Dundee could also attend the conference online, ensuring that it was inclusive for all. 



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100/6000 Conferences 2022 - Sheffield and Dundee

After the huge success of our first 100/6000 Conference in 2021 that took place in Dundee, we have already started planning two conferences for 2022 in Sheffield and Dundee.


Sheffield - Monday 26th September to Tuesday 27th September 2022

If you are interested in coming along on one of our bursary places for people living with dementia or a paid position as an 'Observer' for practitioners, please get in touch and we will send you move details.

Email Karen Taylor (Deepness Coordinator) -


Dundee - Tuesday 8th November to Wednesday 9th November 2022

This year's conference will focus on the Unconscious Bias and how if affects people living with dementia from diverse backgrounds.

Start: 9:30am on Tuesday 8th November

Finish: 3:00pm on Wednesday 9th November


We offer full bursary places for people living with dementia, which includes hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch and conference dinner on Tuesday 8th November.

All speakers will be people living with dementia.

We will be offering a number of places for 'professionals' / practitioners to come along as 'observers'.  These will be paid places at £325, which includes two nights accommodation, all meals and conference dinner.



Email Karen Taylor (Deepness Coordinator) -


100/6000 Conference - 14th - 15th September 2021

In September 2021, the first conference run by people living with dementia, for people living with dementia took place in Dundee.  It was a life changing experience for all those who attended.  The 100/6000 Conference discussed and debated ideas for the future direction for people living with dementia.

From this two day hybrid conference, we collated and analysed all that was talked about, written down and analysed to create the '100/6000 Deepness Conference Position Paper'.  This position paper presented our views on the new National Care Service for Scotland, from the viewpoint of all those who were at the conference. 

The Position Paper has already been send to the Scottish Government and a meeting with a Scottish Minister has taken place discussing our position.


The Life Changes Trust part funded the conference as a peer-to-peer grant to support people living with dementia to access the conference.

Check out the article about the success of the conference from Life Changes Trust CLICK HERE




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