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Christmas 2021 for people living with dementia

This month Howard shares with us some of the radio shows to listen to over the Christmas period on Deepness Dementia Radio, and tells us how Christmas can be for people living with dementia. 


Shows on Deepness Dementia Radio

Classic Alternative Rock - includes Christmas music
Classic Country - includes Christmas music
Classic Rock - includes Christmas music 
Classic Music -  Christmas music 
Classically Speaking - Christmas music 
The Alternative Rock Show- includes Christmas music 

Classically Speaking - New Year Special-
The Music of Strauss
Classically Speaking - Burns Nights Special 

To quote Noddy Holder of Slade “It’s Christmas”
But what can be a happy time for most can be disorientating for some people living with Dementia.
Once those decorations go up, we may not recognise our own living room.

The lights go up outside houses and increasingly illuminated and sound making Santa’s appear meaning we may not recognise the street we are on.

Supermarkets move shelves around which can be confusing, and we may not recognise one isle to the next.  Christmas music is great but when we are going round the shops, it can be disorientating for some.

Its not to say that these things shouldn’t be happening, nobody wants to cancel Christmas.  But for some of us living with dementia, a little thought, maybe going to the shops when it is quieter, home care, work, public transport, etc... permitting.

The family come round, and we may disappear off into another room, we’re not being rude, perhaps we just need some quiet time.

It’s a strange place at times living in this world of dementia, some of us don’t see and hear things the same.
Daughters may become our mothers, sons our fathers, its not us, its our disease mixing things up.  A little thought and understanding, can ease the confusion and disorientation.

That all being said, have a great time, however you celebrate this time of year.

Peace and Goodwill To all.

Howard :)




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