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'Dementia the Musical' 

Successfully Awarded Grant from Creative Scotland


We are delighted to announce that 'Dementia the Musical' has successfully been awarded a Creative Scotland grant.



Dementia the Musical or the 'ballad of Dementia Activists', tells a story of Agnes, James and Nancy who are on trial for the crime of having dementia and not doing what they're told.  Can they beat the Rigid System and reclaim their lives and dignity?

Dementia the Musical is based on the campaigning work of three of Scotland's longest serving dementia activists James McKillop, Nancy McAdam & Agnes Houston and the fight they have led to ensure people with dementia have a voice in what happens in their lives.

The Musical is set in the not-too-distant future where the ‘British Bill of Rights' has replaced the ‘European Convention on Human Rights' and is being used by organisations and care home owners to deny residents their rights to a family life by allowing the system to control what individuals with dementia can do, where they live, who can visit and when they can visit. The backdrop to the musical sees the three activists being brought to a care home in Dundee to face a tribunal that is accusing them of both not having capacity and of being troublemakers.

A funny and moving production, it tells the history of dementia activism with the voices of real people with dementia shaping its story.

Deepness Dementia is one of 14 theatre and dance projects who have received this new funding to enable tours to communities across Scotland.  The National Lottery funding through Creative Creative Scotland's 'Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance' will enable the wide range of new and award-winning productions - modern, physical theatre and spoken word performances for children, young people, adults and families, to visit small, mid and large-scale venues across 2024-2025.




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