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 Scottish Dementia Arts Festival & 100/6000 Gathering - November 2023

Deepness Ltd is pleased to announce the First Scottish Dementia Arts Festival and the 100/6000 Gathering 2023 at Eden Court Inverness.  Taking place from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th November 2023.  

The festival is funded by The Idea Fund.

100/6000 Gathering is funded by The National Lottery and About Dementia.



Download Letter (that is also below)


Dear Friend,

This is a general call for artists with dementia, family members or artists who are working collaboratively with those affected by dementia who would like to showcase their work at the festival.

We have some funds to support work by people with dementia from the Highlands and Islands to attend the Festival and Gathering.  We can also support their unpaid supporters.  Those from other parts of Scotland wishing to Showcase at the festival please get in touch and we'll send you information about other funders that can support your attendance.

To find out more please contact Ron Coleman on 01851 810789 or email


The purpose of the Dementia Arts Festival 2023 is four-fold, these are:

1. To showcase the creativity of those living with dementia and their families.

2. Challenge the public perceptions help about people living with dementia.

3. To show how creativity impacts on the wellbeing of the dementia community.

4. To have fun.


The 100/6000 Gathering is in it's 3rd year.  This year the conversations will centre on the role of creativity in helping those of us who are living with dementia to retain our autonomy for longer.  The Gathering is for and by people living with dementia.

The second day of the 100/6000 Gathering will be a discussion between people living with dementia, unpaid supporters and workers.

We can support a limited number of people from Scotland living with dementia and where necessary their unpaid supporters, with accommodation and event costs.


Ron Coleman

Chair Deepness Ltd




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