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Scottish Tour 2022 - Caught in This moment of time

Caught in This Moment of Time explores one person living with dementia's attempt to use Alexa to be free. 

Scottish Tour, June 2022


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Caught in This Moment of Time deals with some of the issues around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in people living with dementia, and also deals with communication and how people perceive the capabilities of people around dementia comparing with the non-judgemental approach of AI.

The plays writer, Ron Coleman, describes the play as a way of raising a number of possible discussions with the audience.  These include:

1: That the capabilities of people with dementia are often overlooked.
2: That AI has the potential to help us remain in our own homes for much longer if used properly.
3: The need to put in place effective planning methods that enables the interaction between AI and the person living with dementia.
4: Communication has be clearer and more honest than how it is at present.


Scottish Tour - June 2022

Monday 13th June - Kirkwall, Orkney Isles MORE INFORMATION


Wednesday 15th June - Lerwick, Shetland Isles BOOK TICKETS


Friday 17th June - Boat of Garten BOOK TICKETS


Monday 20th June - Forfar BOOK TICKETS


Tuesday 21st June - Kirriemuir (Workshop)


Friday 24th June  - Edinburgh Festival Theatre BOOK TICKETS




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