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Scottish Dementia Arts Festival 2024

11th to 14th November 2024, Edinburgh







Submission Guidelines PDF         Closing Date: - Tuesday 30th July 2024

What is the Scottish Dementia Arts Festival?
The Scottish Dementia Arts Festival is an annual event that celebrates the creative achievements of people living with dementia. It aims to raise awareness about dementia and its impact on individuals and communities while highlighting the importance of arts and creative activities in improving the quality of life for those affected by the condition.

We are planning to have three festival venues' that are close to each other in south Edinburgh. We will programme four evening performances in a flexible professional venue which (depending on layout) seats around 200 people. We also have exhibition, workshop, and limited performance space available in two community venues nearby. 


Financial Help
We have a limited pot of money to help artists showcasing their work at the festival preference will be given to artists that either have dementia or can evidence clearly coproduction in the creative process. We also have some funds for those who wish to run workshops. If you wish to discuss funding or the types of help available to get your work to the festival then in the first instance contact 


What we are looking for 
Performance, Film, Visual Arts, Crafts Exhibition and Workshops.

All proposals must clearly show how people with a lived experience of dementia were involved in the production of the work.



Submission Guidelines PDF           Closing Date: - Tuesday 30th July 2024



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