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We bring people living with dementia together through a series of projects that boost one’s autonomy and sense of purpose. Deepness Dementia Media is an organisation that provides radio shows, online education courses and many other projects in order to encourage living well with dementia. We help those going through dementia maintain their freedom and get the most out of life. Our community welcomes not just those affected directly by dementia but also family members, young carers, friends, workers, and educators. By coming together in a warm, friendly space, people receive a valuable level of activity and stimulation.
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For people going through dementia, music and the spoken word serve as crucial vehicles for memory and connection. Although one may forget certain things, music and its accompanying memories remain embedded in the mind of someone who is cognitively impaired. That is why Deepness Dementia Radio has gone from strength to strength, and we want you to join our community.
We provide relaxed, soothing music during the night, helping people to enjoy restful sleep. Interviews with activists and the cognitively impaired discuss living well with dementia, while other segments such as storytelling and “Dementia Island Disks”. 

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Upcoming Highlights

See the Upcoming highlights for this week 19th April to 25th April 2021 on Deepness Dementia Radio. 


10:00 - Gail Gregory - 1 of 100

15:45 - Our rights with Howard Davies

19:23 - Bjork 


15:05 - Chicago the musical

20:00 - Ivan's Music Maze

22:00 - Ronald Amanze Jazz Show 


12:35 - Slumdog millionaire 

22:10 - Dionne Warwick 

23:15 - Runrig


09:00 - Singer Song Rriters

16:05 - Santana

17:00 - Style council


02:30Ronald Amanze Reggae Reminiscing

09:00 - Howard Gordons musical memories - Diana Ross & The Supremes

23:00 - Al Green Live at the Green Room


03:30 - Julie Fowlis

13:25 - Fleetwood Mac 

21:30 - Time to groove


09.00 - Enya

17:05 - Loreena Mckennitt-the book of secrets 

22:00 - U2

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