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Deepness Dementia Media helps people who are cognitively impaired enjoy increased autonomy in their lives. We run a series of innovative projects, from radio shows to online education classes, that bring people together. Living well with dementia means connecting with people and staying active. Deepness Dementia Media is here to help you do just that.



Alexa and Me by Ron Coleman

Alexa and Me was produced as a peer-to-peer resource by Ron Coleman.

Ron has found using Alexa as a personal assistant through personalising the device in accordance to his needs.  This way, he has found, although cognitively impaired he can enjoy a greater independence by using Alexa in a way that gives him the right kind of assistance.

He has produced the resource 'Alexa and Me' that guides anyone living with dementia who is not familiar with - or a bit wary - of Alexa through the journey of using Alexa to empower and support this lives.  It's a practical workbook that individuals can use to help with involving technology in their day to to day lives in a positive way.

Word Version - Download the 'Alexa and Me' resource here

PDF Version - Download the 'Alexa and Me' resource here


Ron has also written a stage play about using Alexa, called 'Caught in This Moment of Time'.  This has been performed in theatres and as a radio play.

To find out more, visit our Theatre Group page - Click Here

Shaky Radio

A radio station for the Parkinson's community, produced by people living with Parkinson's.

Not just a radio station Shaky Radio also has on demand programs, podcasts, chit chat group and information about Parkinson's.  Why not volunteer for Shaky Radio?

Click Here

We have working relationships with a number of dementia organisations.  If you are looking for additional help and support living with dementia, please explore the links below.


STAND - Kirkcaldy, Fife -

Kirrie Connections, Angus -

Age Concern -

Memory Cafes -

Young Dementia Network -

Age Concern Scotland -

Dementia UK -



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