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We are deeply grateful to Life Changes Trust for providing funding to Deepness Dementia Recovery College

We are deeply grateful to The National Lottery Community Fund for providing funding to Deepness Dementia Recovery College


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At Deepness Dementia Media, we provide a number of resources that encourage living well with dementia. Our mission is not to provide people with an absolute cure, but rather offer tools that allow for increased autonomy and enjoyment of life during the recovery process. Our radio station and online education, along with a series of other projects, help to bring people together and provide stimulation, purpose and enjoyment. The Deepness Dementia Media community incorporates not just people with cognitive impairment, but all of the stakeholders involved such as family members, young carers, friends, workers and educators.

Our courses aim at living well with dementia through increased autonomy, promoting better relationships, developing a stronger understanding, and growing in a co-productive way. The courses are created for everyone, not just those living with dementia but also their families, carers, the workforce and the wider public.  We aim to foster greater understanding, resulting in people achieving a sense of purpose, which in turn leads to living well with dementia.  

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2023/24 Prospectus



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Deepness Dementia Media specialises in giving people tools for living well with dementia by providing a platform to live life autonomously and happily. 

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