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We are aware that people living with dementia have different needs in gaining information. 
This is why we decided to create the Deepness Dementia TV.

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We are proud to announce that Deepness Dementia TV (DDTV) the FIRST television channel designated to purely people living with dementia.

You can watch Deepness Dementia TV on your television on Roku and Amazon FireStick.  Also, you can watch it from this page on our website (scroll down below).  

To watch on Roku and FireStick, you can either open the Roku or FireStick App and search for 'Dementia World TV'.  Alternatively search on your TV for a new channel, search for Dementia World TV





The television station has been developed and is run by people living with dementia.  All our television programmes are developed by people living with dementia, with content made for people living with dementia.  Programmes are presented by people living with dementia and features people living with dementia.  This really is a dementia run and led TV Station.

The aim of the television channel is to provide information on ways to live well with dementia, up to date dementia news and shows that challenge dementia stereotypes.  Like all our projects the television channel and all programmes will follow our same values and ethos.

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