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Bringing People Together

Deepness Dementia Media is a platform that gives people tools for living well with dementia designed collaboratively with those with dementia leading the process. By coming together in a supportive, energetic common space that makes a huge difference to the wellbeing of those going through dementia. As opposed to providing a cure, our goal is to help people become autonomous and get the most out of life. We bring you a series of innovative projects – such as our radio station, online education courses, and much more – that use technology and music in a way that keeps people connected and stimulated. By bringing people into a community with those who have lived experience, family members, young carers, friends, workers, and educators, Deepness Dementia Media provides the perfect platform for living well with dementia.
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What is Deepness Dementia Media?

Deepness Dementia Media aims to achieve a set of outcomes that can be summed up by the following terms:


Autonomy not only describes one of our core values but is also what we strive for, above anything, whether we are people with cognitive impairments, family members, carers or workers.


One of our main beliefs is that meaningful activity serves as an essential component of living well with dementia. Activity keeps the mind active and provides motivation to people on a daily basis. All activities in the project will be done within a safe environment and with plenty of support


This project aims to foster greater understanding of the impact that dementia has on the stakeholders involved – not just those living with dementia but also their families, carers, the workforce, and the wider public. We hope to foster greater understanding through the use of a narrative approach to co-producing our courses and other projects.


Coming together, working together, being creative together and learning together gives us strength and minimises the deficits that we have as individuals. This is an outcome that we have already seen within our projects and wish to bring to life in this venture.


One of the most important outcomes that we expect from this project is that, through bringing people together in a collaborative space, original thinking will be developed in a way that can be applied to the lives of people with dementia.


We hope to challenge the discrimination and stigma that exists inside and outside of the dementia community. By working together to produce our online courses, many of the common perceptions held by stakeholder groups will be challenged, which in turn promotes change that benefits all.


We want to help people going through dementia and their families have a clear structure in their lives. Our courses aim at living well with dementia through increased autonomy, promoting better relationships, developing a stronger understanding, and growing in a co-productive way. These factors are fundamental for encouraging healthy order in people's lives.


Creating meaning in our lives is common to all people but even more so for those experiencing dementia along with their family and friends. Finding meaning leads to the discovery of purpose. We hope that our Dementia Recovery College will result in people achieving a sense of purpose, which in turn leads to living well with dementia.


When we speak of youthfulness, we are not talking about rediscovering our youth, but rather learning to renew ourselves in the present. This is how we will keep our organisation fresh, ensuring that leadership is constantly answerable to the membership, which is why all Deepness Dementia Media directors will change over a six-year period. Constant renewal is crucial for maintaining the ongoing positive development of our organisation.




We are deeply grateful for the funding provided The Weir Charitable Trust for Deepness Dementia Radio.



Check out this week's Radio Schedule for Monday 25th to Sunday 31st October 2021


Our ever-growing radio station brings you relaxing music at night along with a series of interviews with activists and people who are cognitively impaired. This is a unique way of bringing people together and provided 24 hours a day.  


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We are deeply grateful to Life Changes Trust for providing funding to Deepness Dementia Recovery CollegeWe are deeply grateful to The National Lottery Community Fund for providing funding to Deepness Dementia Recovery College



Recovery College

Our courses are designed to bring people together and provide them with something that is both highly challenging and rewarding. Through our Wellbeing & Resilience, Move Better, Think Better, Health & Nutrition and Covid-19 courses, you can stay active from anywhere in the world, while another course is dedicated to living well with dementia.






Deepness Dementia Media Projects

We offer a number of projects to encourage living well with dementia. Our dementia arts theatre group, for example, has been highly successful.  Also on offer is our coffee club, which allows people to come together and communicate.  We offer many useful resources promoting dementia activism.  Moreover, Deepness Dementia Media encourages the use of Alexa to make life easier for people living with cognitive impairment.








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