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There is always lots going on at Deepness Dementia Media, with new projects, conferences, funding being secured and lots of activities by our members. The Deepness Dementia Media community are always sharing how their lives are changing, developing new tools, living well with dementia.


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Dementia in the News : Scottish Government study ...

Scottish Government study on the impact of the Covid on people living with dementia (The Press and Journal, 10th February 2022)  more  

Dementia in the News : 'Childhood Alzheimer's'

Experiences of Eight year old son living with 'Childhood Alzheimer's' in Cornwall (Daily Mail, 2nd February 2022)  more  

Dementia in the News : dementia and your GP

People living with dementia who see the same GP tend to be in better health (Daily Mail, 25th January 2022)  more  

Dementia in the News : Money Management

Dementia may cause problems with money management years before diagnosis (National Institute on Aging, 14th January 2022)  more  

Rights & Dementia: Happy New Year

Happy New Year, lets hope for a better 2022  more  

Rights & Dementia : Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 for people living with dementia  more  

100/6000 Conference - 14th - 15th September 2021

After the huge success of our first 100/6000 Conference in 2021 that took place in Dundee, we have already started planning two conferences for 2022 in Sheffield and Dundee.  more  

Rights & Dementia : Green Paper - October 2021

Department for Work and Pensions Green Paper - October 2021  more  

Rights & Dementia : National Care Service

Consulting on a National Care Service  more